Design has always held a special fascination for me, including textiles, patterns, colors, interiors, architecture, and various forms of art. This passion blossomed during high school, where I attended a school that encouraged artistic exploration through diverse classes like woodworking, metalworking, architecture, photography, and painting. I fully immersed myself in these opportunities, crafting scaled buildings in the achitecture studio, creating my bedside table in woodshop, assembling my own lamp in metal shop, and learning the art of film photography.

Transitioning to college, I felt a void in creative expression; I addressed this through different work experiences and the Professional Multimedia Writing Minor. Within this minor, I refined my personal design preferences while crafting my Brand Style Guide (BSG) and drew inspiration from platforms like Pinterest.

Brand Style Guide

The BSG, which I created in the first class of the writing minor, Designing for Digital Production, showcases who I am, what I value, the evolution of my aesthetic, and my overall design ethos. This endeavor involved delving into Photoshop and InDesign, which I fully embraced to learn and utilize their diverse tools.